Katy A, 16, attends a South London state school. GCSE courses include two ‘soft subjects’; PE and drama and some hard ones!

 In accordance to Mr Gove’s ideas for the education system, here are a few things for him to try:

·         As teachers don’t need training: Take the role of a politics teacher in a state school for two years, with no teacher training. Can your classes (GCSE and A level) achieve their target grades or above?

·         As PE, Drama and Media studies are soft subjects can you take them and pass them at A*?

·         Following the government’s passion for evidence based education, evidence base the changes. Conduct an experiment into the happiness of the children in the ‘soft subjects’ and if they are lower than the general levels of happiness for young people they should be cut.

·         Combining evidence based practice and democracy could you survey the young people and teachers to see if they support the proposed changes?


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