To Michael Gove,

I am a 13 year old girl from London, and I am writing because I am extremely concerned about some of your ideas  for the future of my education. So I would be really really grateful if you could explain why you think these ”ideas” are good.

I want to know why you think drama is irrelevant? I personally love drama! It is a subject that I actually feel I am quite good at. For some students drama is a subject that they can do really well in and really succeed! Where will we get all our actors and actresses from? What about the British film industry that supports thousands of jobs and makes money for the country.

Is it true that you think PE is irrelevant? Our society goes on and on about how young people of this generation are obese? And for some children and teenagers they just don’t get the chance to exercise. PE might be the only chance they get to get active and fit. Also, we hosted the Olympics last year, and now you think PE is irrelevant. Please explain this to me. What about this great Olympic legacy you gave us?

What about history? You think all it takes is to learn dates and Latin! That’s not true. We need people who can analyse historical objects so that they can find out what date it may have come from. We need people who can make judgements on history so we have a better idea of what happened and why.

My mum who is a teacher went to a school recently where she had to teach reception children words that don’t exist – which you came up with? You have talked about schools that don’t exist too?

Michael you want us to have shorter holidays and longer days! That’s a lot! We can’t concentrate that long! We already have heaps of revising for important exams and plenty of homework. We have to relax as well!

If I wrote all my questions then this letter would be too long. I understand you are a very busy man. But it would mean a great deal to me if you replied to my letter explaining all your actions against us young people. Why do you want us to feel like failures?

Yours sincerely,

Kirsten Annabell


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