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  1. Not every child will become a sport star, but at least they can have some exercise, learn about being part of a team and learn to cope with competition.
    Not every child will become a movie star, but at least they can learn how to present themselves and talk in multiple situations, they can rehearse real life skills, they can learn about empathy, they can reinforce learning from other subjects and be creative with others.
    Not every child will become a marketing mogul, but at least they can learn how language, music, symbols and pictures are used to manipulate consumers, they can learn to take control of their own minds and they can learn how to communicate.
    Not every child will become a famous artist (particularly in life!), but at least they can learn about perspective, colour and form, they can learn to be observant, they can learn about texture, history, and again they can learn about communication.
    At some time in every person’s life, they will call upon and use the skills taught in these subjects.

  2. Just wanted to share the contents of a letter that a Year 10 GCSE Drama student passed to me today. I had talked my class about the rumoured axing of GCSE Drama and this is how this student wanted to respond…….

    ‘Secondary School has been and continues to be the most terrifying period of my life. I spend 6 hours, every week up to my neck in exams, revision and homework; but also surrounded by people who petrify me simply because I am afraid they will think I’m odd. Luckily I am able to cope with this as I am not as painfully shy as I was when I began my primary school life thanks to my one true love, the stage. Somehow Drama takes away the stresses of everyday school life and of being judged by my peers because we are all equal; they don’t judge me, they judge the character I’m playing. I didn’t take drama for GCSE because I thought it was an easy option; I took it because I love it. It is so enjoyable to me even exams and written evaluations are fun and I cannot think of a greater pleasure than watching the amazing talent in my class perform monologues they have blocked, practised and performed themselves – I think you can tell that takes both courage and hard work. The thought of a child going through school without something they adored so deeply as I do drama devastates me and I would hope no human being could take that away from another’.

    I don’t think there’s a teacher alive who could have said it better than that. Please listen Mr Gove.

    Posted by Karen @SurreyDrama

  3. Throughout my life so far, at the age of 15, the arts have made me the person I am. Being able to express myself and be free and unjudged by others made me feel alive, and unafraid. The chance to create what the imagination desires, in a way that requires yourself to be someone you may not be, is truly inspiring. The idea of the Arts and Pe being removed from schools is honestly so dishearting, and makes me loose the faith in which I may have once had.

    There is nothing better then going on a stage, seeing people clap, and knowing that it’s for. Theres no way to explain the feeling, the buzz, and the confidence that build within a young person. The chance to feel that shouldn’t be missed.

    I wil never stop fighting for the Arts, it created me, and it shall carry on creating others.

    Abby King @abbymaeking

  4. What fantastic comments from students. Abby it is because of young people like yourself that we are fighting this battle. Keep spreading the word for us. We wont let you down 🙂

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