Drama is a discipline in itself. It has a specific set of skills to be mastered like any other subject. Unlike any other subject it touches on practically every other subject area in the curriculum and can also be used to explore any number of non curriculum based subjects too. The kind of subjects that allow young people the opportunity to begin to understand themselves and the world in which they live. This government doesn’t want young people to develop independent thought or understand the way society works or challenge the status quo. It wants to further underline the massive inequity within society and further enable a privileged minority. We know that young people who take part in drama and other arts activity achieve better quality of life. If we lose drama and other arts subjects from the curriculum those young people who don’t come from backgrounds where parents can afford to offer them participation in arts activity will no longer have access. The arts will be the sole preserve of the elite. Furthermore, the arts will suffer. Because the richness and diversity of arts practice in this country is borne from the diversity of experience and the wealth of stories and voices that make it and the wide range of audiences it is made for. When these artists and audiences narrow so too will theatrical form and subject matter. So we will lose our wonderful flourishing arts scene that is now quite frankly one of the only things this country actually produces. Gove is a narrow minded and one size fits all merchant who refuses to consider the experience, knowledge and expertise of people working in education who know young people and understand the practical implications of his draconian proposed policies. Not to mention ignoring altogether the young people who are actually inside the education system and their opinions on the matter.  If only the man had had drama lessons. He’d have learnt to listen. Any teacher, parent or anyone else remotely concerned about our future society should stand up to this. #leave our curriculum the hell alone!


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