So as we await the much talked about storm tonight, there is another, altogether more frightening force gathering pace.

To discover the article in The Sunday Times concerning the removal of Drama as a GCSE this morning, frankly made me feel sick. The fact that it was written ‘drama,’ with no capital letter made me furious!

An already marginalised subject facing yet another potentially crushing blow, making teachers feel even crapper about their worth within schools and forcing us to find yet more energy to justify our existence and the importance of our subject- joy!

I haven’t done much research into this, I don’t have facts but I do have my feelings about it!

Gove is an education Dalek.

As a parent of a two year old I am terrified at the type of education that could be on offer when he starts school if this man is allowed to exterminate the elements of education he simply doesn’t like! How can we create well balanced individuals with an entirely unbalanced curriculum?!

I admit I get a bit narked (Warning: controversial comment) at the constant, ‘Drama teaches so many life skills such as communication, team work blah blah blah,’ yes it does but actually it is a subject in its own right and as such should be recognised as such. I am a purist of Drama and Theatre Studies and the academic content on these courses easily equals other GCSE and A Levels. It’s not about being trees and getting all touchy feely with one another (sometimes this happens!) The ability to analyse, evaluate and create are some of the most advanced skills that we ask of our students and Drama requires students to do just that.

Soft my arse!

(WARNING: Controversial comment #2) However I am aware that perhaps, like with many subjects, Drama has been spread too thinly into Performing Arts, Expressive Arts etc… and that it does now lack clout as an overall subject, as students can take it in so many different forms. I am all for creating an all powerful, world changing uber Drama course that contains a combination of all these so no one can doubt its impact.

To remove it from GCSEs completely is utter nonsense, and while yes I felt the wave of panic this morning, I think there is much, much more to play out with this.

I LOVE my subject and will not be following friends who have already ditched it to teach subjects that offer greater job security (their words not mine!)

So like the storm, I think with this debate we need to batten down the hatches, sit tight and hopefully wait until it blows over. Failing that we fight the whirlwind…together!


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