Freeing the Angel

I’m really sorry, Mr Gove, but I think we need to reclaim Shakespeare now. You’ve had him for a while, you reference him in glowing terms here and here and here. But the thing is, we’re concerned that you don’t really understand his needs. He can’t be just some words on a dry, dusty page in a library. He needs to live, and breathe, and he can only do that through drama. If you keep him trapped in a book, and don’t allow new people to speak and act his words, then something magical will be lost.

A GCSE in Drama is a commitment to our cultural heritage, and our diversity, and our future. It is an investment in young people – both actors and writers: the lifeblood of the art form. Through drama our young people learn to speak confidently, to express themselves creatively, to empathise with others…

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