If you haven’t done so already, please sign the petition below to stop the marginalisation of Arts subjects in schools.



3 thoughts on “Sign the petition. Save the Arts in schools!

  1. Don’t get rid of the arts. The arts and design have created numerous jobs and careers, Globally we are respected for our arts and not our science. By all means support other subjects but it would be very short sighted and foolish to get rid of the cash cow that is the arts for the sake of ignorance. Animation series like Peppa Pig stemmed from the arts. This itself brings in millions to the UK economy. There are countless other things I could name. If the arts are so worthless why did Cameron mention them as something to be proud of when cornered in Russia.

  2. Any government that does not support the arts in schools,colleges and universities should be barred from enjoying the arts. Government ministers should not be invited to gallery openings, performances or concerts. This government’s education policy is deeply flawed, short sighted and vindictive. They do not see the arts as worthy of support because no artist who feels anything could possibly support them.

  3. When money is to be saved it seems thats the Arts as a whole is open to be eroded and reduced in its scope in favor of subjects that lack an element of autonomy. As many free thinking individuals know it is those professions that create and generate new ideas, places and culture providing the springboard for a vast array of service based wealth to be generated. The UK as a creative hotpot and is built upon the high quality of its creative courses. Without the continued investment into such subjects the UK will lose the intellectual and creative edge over many parts of the developed world. Learning the basics of RRA is not enough. It is the Arts thats elevates culture to grow.

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